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SHADOWLEE CANINE trains and certifies Therapy Dog Teams(handler and dog) and provides therapy dog services to individuals in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and veteran facilities in PA.  A THERAPY DOG TEAM CAN IMPROVE PEOPLES' LIVES.  Therapy dog visits have been shown to decrease  levels of the stress hormone cortisol and increase circulating levels of endorphins; the body's natural painkillers.  In a literacy study, children who read to  a dog increased their reading rate by 24 words per minute.


A 10 week course divided into 2 parts taught by Shadowlee Canine's Certified Dog Trainers.  Upon graduation, participants will receive certification as a Therapy Dog Team.  All dogs attending this class must be evaluated for temperament prior to acceptance.  After graduation, a location is selected for the team to volunteer.  All new graduates are shadowed by trainers on initial visits to ensure a successful transition.  If needed ongoing support for the team is provided

Susan Fireman  and Jill Fingerhood are certified dog trainers and AKC Evaluators.  They have trained over 400 Therapy Dog Teams and have worked with Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue

Contact: solanina@aol.com • 518-755-5601

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