"Our bullmastiff has done a great job adjusting to life with our baby and am positive we have
you to thank for all his good behavior."  
— Krista

"You have such a HUGE impact in our region and on all the pooches and people fortunate
enough to work with you.  Your legacy is your gift to us and for that I will ALWAYS be
— Caroline

“You have helped us with Kupa in a great way and we have already noticed a difference in
his attentiveness to our commands.”
— Annette

“Milton is a changed dog since our training session. He no longer goes crazy when delivery
men come to our home, and listens when told to sit and stay. Thank you for your inspirational
ideas and training.”
— Sheila

“Susan you have made Ricky a really special dog.” — Jan

“Thank you so much for all your work on our behalf.”
— Judy & Ava

“It was so nice to have you here. What a difference from others we’ve worked with.”
— Teresa

“Thank you for making today so easy. We are blessed to know you have to have been trained by you. So many people and dogs count on you.”
— Judy

“Thank you for the training you gave to Bo and Luna. Luna continues to come to school two days a week and is loved by the children. She really is amazing and loves her role as a therapy dog.”
— Susan

“Thanks for everything you’ve done to make us a real therapy team! We are happy to have met you and have learned so much from you.”
— Sam

“I can’t thank you enough for all the training you did to help me get control of my dogs. As a result of their better behavior, I enjoyed the summer with them more than I ever have. In addition, my children and grandchildren had a much better time playing with them. My daughter was also impressed enough to want you to do some training with her two dogs.”

“Reggie is doing really well and is becoming more manageable to live with. You have demonstrated that the well being of a dog is important and that is a rare quality to find these days.”
— June

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